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Red Ship LP, Singles Coming Out On Exotic Fever Records

If you don't already know about her, I have to tell you about my friend Katy Otto. She's a hardworking activist, mama, bad ass drummer, and all around amazing, compassionate, brilliant person. She has been putting out incredible music on her label, Exotic Fever Records, for decades now, built a punk rock/diy community around it. Even when I was a young know-nothing starting out with music I knew she was at least someone to aspire to. She's incredibly kind and bold, even back when radical feminists by and large weren't so kind to sex workers, she was a

ctively supporting and boosting organizations like HIPS (helping individual prostitutes survive). As I thought about how to re-release this record while sharing my truth, knowing how badly I need the support, I reached out to her for help. And I'm so thrilled to tell you that Star Matriarch music is going to be released on Exotic Fever Records, starting with the first single drop on May 23rd! Full length vinyl coming late 2023/early 2024! SQUEEEEEEEEEE



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