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About Star Matriarch

Star Matriarch, a project by multi-disciplinary artist Carol Bui, combines rock, pop, and modulated Egyptian rhythms to build thrilling musical worlds. Carol weaves her experiences as a 'raqs sharqi' dancer, ex-whore, and ex-punk-wannabe with a delicate balance of raw power and vulnerability. The guitars are abrasive and pithy, melodies are as ferocious as they are sweet, rhythms viscerally primordial, and the lyrics tell uncomfortable stories you haven't yet heard.


After a 10+ year hiatus, Carol returns with updates and additions to her 2011 LP 'Red Ship', slated for reissue in vinyl format on Exotic Fever Records early 2024. Watch out for single releases in 2023, starting with "You're Free (With Me)" on May 23rd.

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