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"In the tradition of her hometown of Washington, D.C., Bui has made a punk-bred record where the guitar is loud but the tunes prevail."

-Chris Dahlen,

Review of "Everyone Wore White" (2007) with a rating of 7.8

"It’s all very physical—one part “D.C. post-punk” and one part “awesome ethnic wedding.”"

-Joe Warminsky, Washington City paper

Review of version 1.0 of Red Ship (2011)

"Still based in Washington (although it’s Tacoma now), Bui’s still largely unknown. If justice prevails, Red Ship will change that. It’s a volatile, intense recording, mesmerizing in the alluring dance of its elements."

-Jeff Clark, Stomp and Stammer

Review of version 1.0 of Red Ship (2011)

"Everyone Wore White is a fine tuned post-punk album that appears to be about discovery. Discovery of one's self, discovery of the world around you and discovery of your place in that world. The more times you listen to each song the more you discover in the music and the lyrics. To me this is the record that the Evens have been searching to write."

-Sloane Daley,

Review of "Everyone Wore White" (2007) with a reviewer rating of 4/5 stars and user rating of 4.5 stars

"Combining the lyrical weightiness with the spiky post-rock vibes of the music makes Everyone Wore White the sort of album one takes in slowly, over the course of a few close listens, rather than absorbing all at once. Those willing to take the time will be amply rewarded."

-Stewart Mason, All Music

Review of Everyone Wore White (2007)

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