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I'm here

There's so much I want to tell you. I'm here, making music again and dying to share it with you, in between momming and navigating my neurodivergent, highly scattered brain. After a 10 year break from music, with TJ's help I began reworking Red Ship (previously released under my name, Carol Bui, back in 2011) plus new material, between parenting, surgeries, and trying to keep my head above water.

I was so proud of Red Ship but over the years as I've learned more about myself and how this world works, it became glaringly clear how Orientalist my original approach was. It's damaging to me and to other marginalized communities. So that's why I'm "editing" and re-releasing it.

As I'm discovering my own authentic voice, my joy, and shedding all of this shame I carried, I'm writing, playing, singing, dancing in a way I never got to enjoy before. I'm so proud and so excited to share with the world but it's taking me some time.

I stopped telling people when things will be released because life kept happening (i.e. babies), and I'm doing this pretty much all myself. I'm figuring out all the administrative stuff - website, distro, etc. But mixes are done, and you will start hearing them this year.

Thanks for your patience and for finding me. You won't regret it.


PS. That beautiful sketch was done by Tien Taylor and you can find her on IG @tientaylor

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