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'Geisha' Means 'Open-Minded' OUT NOW

I'm just over the moon about how this song turned out. New guitars, new vocals and additional lyrics. You can listen on Spotify or any streaming platform. Even better, you can download here from Bandcamp.

This song title comes from something my first employer said to me when I was just a baby sex worker. My coworkers were more successful and whiter, so to stand out I suggested that I be marketed as a 'Geisha' because not only was I Asian but also a good listener and entertainer. "Are you sure? Because 'geisha' means 'open-minded'" she said. Because I was so damn naive (thanks, ASD) I had no clue what she meant and she couldn't explain for fear of tapped phone lines. Lol.

If I'm gonna be marginalized, might as well take their fucking money!


Carol Bui - vocals, guitar, drums

Aaron Leitko - bass

N. Scott Robinson - riqq (Arabic tambourine)

TJ Lipple - Engineering, Mixing

Vlado Meller - Mastering

Portrait by Tien Taylor

Collage by Carol Bui



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