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"Before We're Vaporized", a futuristic SW fantasy, Out Wed Sept 20th

Holy whiplash, this summer went by FAST and between the excitement and my brain shit ... I've been rather quite. My old band, Princessed, reunited after almost 20+ years for Reunion Summer in DC and it was utterly magical for us. More on that another time.

The next Star Matriarch single, "Before We're Vaporized", is out on all platforms this Wednesday, September 20th! So this was never released on its own with the first iteration of Red Ship. I got burnt out and stopped doing anything music related for 10 years after 'Geisha' Means 'Open-Minded'. But this next single makes me ache in a way none of the other songs did - the sweeping, ascending melody and the drama. I was inspired equally by tarab-inducing 2oth century Egyptian compositions, Medications (Ex-Faraquet), and Fiona Apple's "When the Pawn...".

Here's the pre-save link. Hope you love it!


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